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Finding quality companies from Emerging Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Company was launched on the 18th December 2002 as Baring Emerging Europe PLC. As of 16th November 2020, the Company was renamed Barings Emerging EMEA Opportunities PLC (BEMO).

The Company's investment objective is to achieve capital growth, principally through investment in emerging and frontier equity securities listed or traded on Eastern European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) securities markets.

BEMO is a public limited company with shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange. You can invest in BEMO by purchasing shares through an online investment platform operated by third party providers. Alternatively, you can buy shares through a financial adviser or a stockbroker. As an investor you become a shareholder in the company.

Becoming a shareholder of BEMO PLC provides access to the skill and expertise of the established investment team's active management of the stock market investments, whilst providing a regular income.

Manager Comments:

  • BEMO offers a unique strategy for investors seeking to diversify the growth and income potential of emerging markets.
  • Focusing on the under-researched markets of emerging Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Company seeks out attractively valued, quality companies benefiting from the demographical, social, economic and technological shifts happening across this diverse and fast-changing region.
  • The broader investment focus (from November 2020) has enabled the Company to reduce the portfolio’s exposure to hydrocarbons and access exciting growth opportunities in financial, consumer and technology sectors in particular.
  • Bottom-up stock selection provides the potential to drive returns and create a wider global investment universe in some of the world’s most dynamic markets.
  • The investment case for EMEA remains strong. Underlying dividends were impacted less by COVID-19 than within developed Europe. EMEA countries generally have low debt at government, corporate and household levels and are therefore less correlated with global currency and interest rate movements. Their economies are also predominantly domestically focused and relatively uncorrelated with each other.

How can I invest in the Company?
Detailed information is available via the ‘How to invest’ tab on the Company’s home page at www.bemoplc.com

How can I stay informed on the Company’s progress?
You can register to receive regular email updates via the button on the Company’s home page at www.bemoplc.com

Barings Emerging EMEA Opportunities PLC is a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales (company no. 04560726, registered office address: Beaufort House, 51 New North Road, Exeter, EX4 4EP).


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