EN United Kingdom Investment Trust

Baring Emerging Europe Plc was launched on 18th December 2002.

Investment Trust:
Baring Emerging Europe is a public limited company with shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange. As an investor you become a shareholder in the company.

Becoming a shareholder of BEE plc provides access to the skill and expertise of the established investment team's active management of the stock market investments, whilst providing a regular income.

Manager Comments:

  • We view Emerging Europe as one of the most attractively valued investment geographies globally.
  • There are significant growth prospects for companies with access to these expanding markets, which now have a combined population of over 300 million people. Export opportunities are underpinned by competitive advantages such as natural resource availability and pools of highly skilled and low cost labor, while rising income levels support domestic consumption and provide substantial investment potential.

For the purposes of Barings’ investment policy, Emerging Europe is defined as: the successor countries of the former Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, the States of the former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece. This geographical remit has been expanded in recent years to permit investment in the Middle East and Africa, where capital markets continue to develop rapidly, and offer opportunities to expand the scope of investments. Permitted investment in other countries, outside Emerging Europe, is capped at 15%.



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