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Multi Asset Target Return

Since 2002, and against the backdrop of some of the most challenging financial conditions in history, our robust and repeatable multi asset investment process and experienced Multi Asset Group have achieved the objective of generating equity-like returns with lower volatility.


$ 1.84 billion as of March 31, 2024

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Investment Philosophy

We believe that Multi Asset Target Return portfolios can deliver a targeted return over cash or inflation that is equivalent to long-term equity returns but with considerably less risk. The key is strategic and dynamic asset allocation, which we believe is an effective way for investors to achieve real growth in their assets with the added benefit of reduced volatility.

Our Value Add

Tried and tested over multiple market conditions

  • Our robust multi asset investment process aims to deliver equity-like returns with lower-than-equity volatility, by capturing upside in rising markets and offering downside protection in falling markets

Rigorous research

  • Our investment strategy is underpinned by a detailed 10-year forecast that examines underlying macroeconomic trends to identify long-term value; we also aim to dynamically allocate to take advantage of short-term opportunities

Client-focused solutions

  • While we follow the same proven investment process across our Multi Asset Target Return strategy, individual portfolios are designed with our clients’ needs in mind

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