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We exercise our influence through voting

We know that the actions we take today will resonate into the future.

At Barings, voting is a key way of making our voice heard on how companies are being run to achieve the best outcomes for clients; we also utilize a third-party proxy voting research provider, which includes ESG research.

In 2022, we voted in nearly 1,750 meetings. This included casting votes on 97.78% of eligible proposals. We attempt to vote on all proposals. However, we do not cast votes where there are instances of share blocking. 

Below is a summary of our proxy voting records in 2022


Voting Records   Voting Policy

For/Against Provider Recommendation
For/Against Management Recommendation
Votes by Geographic Region
Votes Cast
Case Study

Voting Against Management Following Board Governance Concerns

We engaged with a mall developer and operator based in India to discuss our concerns regarding the independence of the company’s board. The company currently has three independent directors who have been on the board for periods greater than 10 years.

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U.K. Stewardship Report

At Barings, being a good steward of our clients’ capital is about engagement and partnership—partnership with both clients and the companies we invest in.


Company Engagement on ESG Issues

We aim to engage with companies, encouraging them to develop more sustainable business models.