Barings BDC

We invest in predominately senior secured private debt investments in well-established middle-market businesses that operate across a wide range of industries. We currently invest primarily in loans that have terms of between five and seven years, and bear interest at rates ranging from LIBOR (or an applicable successor rate) plus 450 basis points to LIBOR plus 650 basis points per annum. Our investment objective is to generate current income by investing directly in privately-held middle-market companies to help these companies fund acquisitions, growth or refinancing.

We take a disciplined, fundamental approach to asset selection and portfolio construction, seeking attractive risk-adjusted return and diversification on behalf of our shareholders.

First Lien Debt
Second Lien Debt
Subordinated Debt
Equity Co-Investments

Typical EBITDA of $10 million to $75 million
Typically private equity sponsor-backed
History of growth and profitability
Strong market position and competitive differentiation
Covenants and structural protections

Manufacturing & Distribution
Business Services & Technology
Transportation & Logistics
Consumer Product & Services