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Our expertise extends to regional strategies in continental Europe. We have a long-term track record of bottom-up research and continue to target strong risk-adjusted returns through disciplined stock selection.


$ 897.06 million as of June 30, 2023

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Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy reflects our understanding that equity markets are inefficient and risky, and we believe that over the long term, stock selection can add value.

  • Our Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) approach seeks to identify companies that we believe are mispriced on a longer-term basis
  • We seek to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns through a disciplined, bottom-up investment process and risk-aware portfolio construction
  • We utilize proprietary valuation models that incorporate ESG analysis and macro considerations

Our Value Add

  • Our diversified global team of 45+ investment professionals produces proprietary company research that drives our stock selection
  • We focus on a five-year research horizon, as we believe market inefficiency is more pronounced over this period
  • Our Cost of Equity (COE) captures and quantifies systematic and idiosyncratic risk and incorporates these into our valuation and setting of price targets
  • ESG analysis is fully embedded into our investment process, which means it influences both our qualitative assessment and final COE of a company
  • Proprietary portfolio construction tools support our stock selection and risk management, enabling us to potentially deliver high risk-adjusted returns

Portfolio Managers

Investing Together

In our experience, the time invested in relationships, is time well spent.

We strive to improve every day—to innovate, to adapt, and to evolve alongside our clients—and to always remember the real-world impact of every investment decision we make.

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