EN Panama Institutional

Investment Grade

Diversified solutions based on a proven investment process.

Our established “through-the-cycle” track record of strong, risk-adjusted returns is built upon our team-based investment approach, our ability to generate investment ideas and a risk management process that uses qualitative and quantitative factors to construct and manage portfolios from a risk and volatility perspective.

Global Investment Grade Strategies

AUM: $101 million (30 September 2021)

Our flexible, multi-credit strategy utilizes our investment expertise and a unique, time-tested approach to managing interest rate risk in order to identify value across global investment grade sectors.

Active Short Duration

AUM: $2.6 billion (30 September 2021)

Our short duration strategy invests in a broad range of fixed income asset classes including treasuries, Agency MBS, credit and securitized products. The target portfolio duration is quantitatively determined using the shape of the Treasury Yield Curve.

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