Multi Asset

Multi Asset Balanced

Aims to deliver a long-term annualized return in excess of cash / inflation, with considerably less risk than equity.

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Investment Philosophy

We believe that Balanced portfolios can deliver a long-term annualised return in excess of cash/inflation, with considerably less risk than equity. The key is good strategic and dynamic asset allocation. We believe that this is an effective way for investors to achieve real growth in their assets with reduced volatility.

Our Value Add

Tried and tested over multiple market conditions

  • Our robust multi asset investment process aims to deliver equity-like returns with lower-than-equity volatility, by capturing upside in rising markets and offering downside protection in falling markets, while opportunistically exploiting income opportunities

Rigorous research

  • Our investment strategy is underpinned by a detailed 10-year forecast that examines underlying macroeconomic trends, which we quantify with current market valuations to assess how asset classes are likely to perform

Dynamic positioning for reduced volatility

  • We are not obliged to invest in any one asset class, and we incorporate dynamic tactical positioning to capture returns when available"