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Barings Earned Multiple Real Estate Industry Awards

May 2023 – 3 min watch

Barings is honored to have been recognized for its real estate capabilities through the following awards:

Best Real Estate Investment Manager
At InsuranceAsia News Institutional Asset Management Awards 2022 and 2023

Asset Management Company of the Year, Europe and U.S.—Real Estate
At the Asset Triple A Sustainable Investing Awards for Institutional Investor, ETF, and Asset Servicing Providers 2022 and 2023

2nd place, Real Estate Debt Manager of the Year, APAC
At the Private Debt Investor Awards 2022


Barings Real Estate is an extensive and experienced team of over 185 dedicated investment professionals spanning 16 offices in nine countries. We source and actively manage real estate investments that we believe have the potential to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients—offering solutions across private real estate debt and equity.

As we seek to generate compelling returns for our clients, we leverage the full breadth and depth of our global platform. With real estate investment professionals across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, we have the global perspective and local presence to source attractive transactions and manage properties across a wide range of sectors and investment styles.

This broad perspective gives us unique insights and enables us to identify and capitalize on pricing inefficiencies as they emerge. In order to uncover relative value opportunities globally, we pair findings from our global research group with real-time, on-the-ground observations from our local teams. This research-backed process helps us identify long-term, structural trends and construct an informed view on relative value.

About InsuranceAsia News Institutional Asset Management Awards
Based on Barings’ performance over the preceding calendar year of the respective year of the award. The award recognizes the exceptional work done by third party asset managers and service providers on behalf of their insurance company clients across the Asia Pacific region.

About The Asset Triple A award
Based on Barings’ performance over the preceding calendar year of the respective year of the award. The award recognizes the asset management company that has built a comprehensive platform for investing across different asset classes and servicing the needs of institutional, corporate and retail clients. The company consistently achieves above benchmark performance and sets the tone for innovation and industry practice including ESG integration.

About Private Debt Investor Awards 2022
Private Debt Investor Awards highlight the managers, institutional investors and advisers that have in the eyes of their peers proved their resilience amid global uncertainty. There are 51 categories in this year’s awards across three regions: The Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, as well as the much-coveted global prizes. Voted for by thousands of readers, they remain the only awards that are decided solely by the industry for the industry.


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