Barings Asian Equities Investment Themes

SooHai Lim, Head of Asia ex China Equities, discusses the current four long-term investment themes in Asia.

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International trade dynamics continue to evolve, with supply chains diversifying to improve their resilience against emerging challenges. SooHai Lim discusses the drivers of this structural shift, as well as the potential beneficiaries.


Asia is expected to be a dominant source of the world’s rising middle class in the next decade. SooHai Lim discusses how the resultant changes in consumption behavior are shaping potentially compelling investment opportunities across Asian equities.

Technological Ubiquity

From robots to consumer services, technology is transforming our interactions with the world. SooHai Lim discusses how Asian companies are well-positioned to benefit from these secular trends.


Asia’s strong manufacturing ecosystem is critical to achieving the global transition toward carbon neutrality. SooHai Lim discusses the implications of this multi-decade project to enhance sustainability, and sheds light on how Barings’ equities platform integrates ESG factors into the investment process.