Partnering with clients and investees to build a better tomorrow

We safeguard long-term value through engagement

Our duty as stewards of our clients’ capital has implications far into the future. That’s why we aim to engage with investee companies, encouraging them to develop more sustainable business models. Through this, we can change industries for good, leading to better outcomes for people and planet, ultimately safeguarding long-term value.

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Our Engagement Activity

In 2021, we initiated over 900 engagements with more than 480 companies—the majority of which remain active into 2022.
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Engagements Initiated
2021 Engagement: Current Status
Engagement Objective
Case Study

Embedding ESG Practices into Loan Criteria

The North American Private Finance investment team completed their first ESG-linked loan in Q4 2021.

Case Study

Introducing Sustainability-linked KPIs at a Health Care Company

In September 2021, Barings was approached to look at a new transaction for a health care company providing rehabilitation and mental health services.

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U.K. Stewardship Report

At Barings, being a good steward of our clients’ capital is about engagement and partnership—partnership with both clients and the companies we invest in.


Company Engagement on ESG Issues

We aim to engage with companies, encouraging them to develop more sustainable business models.