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Just How Crazy Are These Democratic Ideas?

The field of Democratic presidential candidates is growing increasingly crowded, leaving investors wondering about the best way to interpret the steady stream of grand economic plans filling the headlines.

Why The Market Misunderstands Trump’s Asian Diplomacy

Christopher Smart, Head of Macroeconomic & Geopolitical Research, discusses why conventional wisdom relative to U.S. relationships in Asia may be backwards.

The Potential Benefits of Global Senior Secured Loans

In the current environment, senior secured loans are gaining traction for their potential to offer a blend of attractive yield and protection against both credit and interest rate risk.

Les Points Positifs Pour L’Avenir de L’Europe

Christopher Smart, Directeur du département de recherche macroéconomique et géopolitique, identifie certaines raisons pour lesquelles l’avenir économique de l’Europe n’est pas aussi sombre que cela puisse paraître.

EM Debt—A Brightening Picture?

Barings’ Ricardo Adroguè and Omotunde Lawal highlight opportunities they’re seeing from Mexico and Brazil to more challenged geographies like Turkey and Argentina—and provide insight into how they’re thinking about political hotspots like Venezuela.

Investment Grade Credit—Rates, BBBs and ABS

From inverted yield curves to potential BBB downgrade risk, Barings’ David Nagle discusses some of the key challenges facing investors in the IG markets today.

CLOs & Leveraged Loans—Perception vs. Reality

Does the recent bout of volatility in below investment-grade markets mean opportunity or risk for CLOs and loans? Barings’ Matt Natcharian and Adrienne Butler weigh in.

Seeking Value in Today’s Private Credit Market

In this Q&A, Barings’ Eric Lloyd discusses his team’s approach to navigating the risks and capitalizing on the opportunities across the global private credit markets.

Climbing High Yield’s Wall of Worry

The global high yield markets face a number of risks. Yet, these markets have continued to scale such a ‘wall of worry’ for the last decade. Should we expect more of the same, or are we nearing a turning point in the cycle? Barings’ Martin Horne weighs in.

Navigating Risks in Today’s High Yield Markets

In this Q&A, Barings’ Head of Global High Yield, Martin Horne, discusses how the Barings team is navigating some of the major risks—from a trade war and Brexit negotiations to rising rates and a maturing credit cycle—present in the markets today.

Navigating European Real Estate Markets

In this Q&A, Paul Stewart, Head of European Real Estate Research & Strategy, discusses how investors in the asset class can allocate capital in an uncertain interest rate environment, while facing potential headwinds such as Brexit and the threat of trade wars.

Why the German Equity Market is About More Than Autos

In this Q&A, Rob Smith, manager of the Barings German Growth Trust, shares his thoughts on how German equities are placed amid potential headwinds that include trade disputes with the U.S., Brexit and continued pressure on the autos sector.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Managing Private Equity Risk

In the realm of private equity, a robust risk management framework can deliver less volatile, higher-quality performance results over time.

The Five Real Lessons from Lehman

It's been 10 years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Christopher Smart, Head of Macroeconomic & Geopolitical Research, reflects on what the crisis taught us about market dynamics - and human nature.

Maintaining Discipline in a Maturing Credit Cycle

With competition high and signs of mispricing of some assets, Eric Lloyd of Barings stresses the importance of a global and diversified approach to portfolio construction.

How Diversified Is Your Emerging Markets Debt Strategy?

There may be significant benefits to using a blended approach to this asset class

Why Recent Weakness in EM Equities Presents an Opportunity

In this commentary, which appears in September’s edition of IPE, William Palmer and Michael Levy explain why they believe the factors that have contributed to the weak share price performance are temporary in nature, and growth prospects for the asset class remain attractive.

Une opportunité à saisir sur les actifs réels

Une dynamique structurelle et cyclique forte crée des opportunités attractives dans le secteur des actifs réels, notamment sur la chaîne de valeur énergétique et dans le domaine de la production d'électricité.

Le chemin étroit de la Turquie

Christopher Smart, Directeur de la Recherche Macroéconomique et Géopolitique, présente son point de vue sur la crise en Turquie.

Une approche disciplinée face à l’évolution du marché européen de la dette privée

À l'heure où les tendances et les dynamiques sous-jacentes au marché européen de la dette privée ont considérablement évolué, Adam Wheeler, Directeur des financements privés pour l'Europe et Asie Pacifique, explique pourquoi une approche disciplinée face à l'évolution du marché est bénéfique pour les investisseurs.

Rechercher de la valeur sur les marchés privés

L'équipe de 'Barings Fonds & Co-Investissements' est un partenaire stratégique de ses clients. Elle propose des solutions personnalisées et donne accès à des opportunités de niche dans des domaines tels que les actifs matériels, les gestionnaires émergents et le marché milieu inférieur.

Guide de l’Investisseur sur la Réalité du Risque Politique Mondial

Le Docteur Christopher Smart explore la façon dont les mutations de l'ordre politique mondial pourraient rendre plus difficile une réponse coordonnée à la prochaine grande crise mondiale.

How We Invest in Global Real Estate Markets

At Barings, we leverage our deep teams, global presence and expertise across the four quadrants of real estate as we seek to help our clients turn opportunities into real solutions.

Les marchés émergents peuvent-ils résister au resserrement monétaire mondial ?

Les banques centrales mondiales ont cessé leur politique d'assouplissement. Les emerging markets (EM) peuvent-ils prospérer dans un contexte de resserrement des conditions monétaires mondiales ? Ricardo Adrogué, head of Barings' Emerging Markets Debt Group, nous explique.

High Yield Credit: Reaching for More

In this piece from Citywire, Barings’ portfolio managers discuss the benefits of taking a modern approach to global high yield investing.

Analyse du paysage des bourses d'actions

Dans cet entretien, le responsable mondial des actions de Barings, Ghadir Cooper, aborde la récente volatilité des marchés boursiers et l’attrait persistant des marchés émergents, tout en expliquant comment l’équipe de Barings envisage des développements potentiellement porteurs comme l’émergence des cryptomonnaies et le récent changement à la tête de la FED.

German Equity Outlook

While market volatility has risen at the start of 2018, Barings continues to see attractive investment opportunities in German equities. In this viewpoint, we tell readers why and where we see the greatest investment potential.

A New Dawn for Emerging Markets Equities

EM equities are enjoying a strong rebound following five years of underperformance versus developed markets. In this piece, Barings’ portfolio managers explain why they maintain an optimistic outlook for the asset class.

Intellectual Property as a Real Asset

In this Viewpoint, we examine the definition of “real assets” and explain how intellectual property exhibits characteristics consistent with other real assets.

EM Local Debt: Focused on Fundamentals

Barings' combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis and tools provide a comprehensive and rigorous framework for investing in emerging markets local debt. In this Viewpoint, we give readers an inside look into our investment process.

Seeking Relative Value in Global Private Debt

As institutional investors continue to turn toward private debt for potentially attractive risk adjusted returns in a low-yielding environment, they may benefit from taking a global approach to the asset class.

Cyclical Evolution and Structural Revolution

In this piece from Preqin, Barings’ heads of U.S. and European real estate research explore the ways in which structural shifts within cities and industries are presenting an evolving set of opportunities and risks for investors.

Opportunities in Private Equity and Real Assets

Jonathan Rotolo, Head of Private Equity / Real Assets, discusses the potential benefits of an alternative investment strategy focused on real assets and asset-based private equity and what such an approach looks like in practice.