Barings Global Short Duration High Yield Fund

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As of 2/23/2024

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About the Fund

The Barings Global Short Duration High Yield Fund seeks to generate as high a level of current income as we determine is consistent with capital preservation, and seeks capital appreciation as a secondary objective. The Fund expects to maintain a weighted average portfolio duration of three years or less and a weighted average portfolio maturity of five years or less.

Barings' strength in fundamental credit analysis and deep expertise across the global fixed income spectrum underpins the Fund’s strategy, allowing portfolio managers to identify relative-value opportunities between geographies, primarily the North American and Western European high yield bond and loan markets. For example, the Fund will seek to take advantage of differences in pricing between bonds of an issuer denominated in U.S. dollars and substantially similar bonds of the same issuer denominated in euros, potentially allowing the Fund to achieve a higher relative return for the same credit risk exposure.




  • Fund will invest at least 80 percent of its managed assets2 in corporate bonds, loans and other income-producing instruments that are rated below investment grade
  • Fund may invest up to 50 percent of its managed assets in bonds and loans issued by foreign companies
  • Seek to maintain a weighted average portfolio duration of three years or less

2”Managed Assets” are the total assets of the Fund (including assets attributable to leverage) minus the sum of the Fund’s accrued liabilities (other than liabilities incurred for the purpose of leverage).

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