Global Infrastructure

Infrastructure Debt: Essential & Evolving

In addition to potential downside protection, diversification, and enhanced yields, the “essentiality” of infrastructure debt underscores its appeal throughout the economic cycle—but a clear strategy is crucial to identifying the best relative value.

Clear Investment Strategy

Intentional strategy has enabled a 0% loss track record

Work with partners to selectively invest in a growing universe

Global Perspective

Access to opportunities across sectors, geographies & ratings

Ability to identify best relative value opportunities

Alignment of Interests

Invest our own capital in most transactions

Align our interests with those of our clients

Essential Building Blocks of the Economy

Projects built through public-private partnerships to meet a social need like hospitals or public housing

Towers, fiber-optic cable networks and data centers

Solar, wind, hydro or conventional power generation

Oil and refined product storage (including non-energy)


Toll roads, ports or airports

Distribution and transmission assets

Market Views