Emerging Markets Debt

Emerging Markets Debt Blended

Our global portfolio management team combines top-down asset allocation with bottom-up security selection to invest across our EM debt strategies in an unconstrained manner.


$ 3.73 billion as of December 31, 2023

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Investment Philosophy

The strategy seeks to achieve maximum total return, consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management, through high current income generation and, where appropriate, capital appreciation.

Our Value Add

Seasoned emerging markets debt team supported by an extensive platform of proprietary quantitative analysis tools.

  • Experienced Team and Extensive Platform: An experienced portfolio management team, proprietary quantitative models and fundamental analysis tools differentiate Barings from its competitors.
  • Investment Process: Our investment process includes macroeconomic forecasts and bottom-up security selection. Dynamic instrument selection across the EM debt spectrum is agnostic to how individual asset classes perform.
  • Portfolio Construction: Our fundamental bottom-up research, return forecasts and dynamic portfolio construction and monitoring enables us to outperform our peers when macroeconomic fundamentals drive the market.

Portfolio Managers

Investing Together

In our experience, it's about yours.

Our teams are empowered to share ideas, challenge perspectives, and take decisive action as we collectively pursue the greatest outcome for our clients.

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