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Inflation Protected Bonds

A unique strategy that seeks to generate alpha through two different levers: inflation relative value opportunities and an out-of-index yield enhancing income strategy.


$ 2.30 billion as of December 31, 2023

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Investment Philosophy

A firm-wide commitment to robust fundamental credit across asset classes is paramount. A disciplined, repeatable process focused on specific aspects of risk management has the ability to limit the potential for downside losses.

Our Value Add

  • Well-established risk management culture has allowed us to outperform during challenging markets and has contributed to our track record of delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns
  • Idea generation is fueled by our firm-wide commitment to robust fundamental credit analysis, which is delivered by our well-resourced global investment teams with a track record of generating alpha
  • Execution strength lies in our flat organizational structure, which facilitates efficient communication of investment ideas, and our cohesive investment process, led by an experienced senior portfolio management team 

Portfolio Managers

Investing Together

In our experience, it's about yours.

Our teams are empowered to share ideas, challenge perspectives, and take decisive action as we collectively pursue the greatest outcome for our clients.

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