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Public Real Estate Equity Securities

  • AUM $1.8 billion
    (December 31, 2017)
  • Inception Date 2000
  • Vehicles Available
    • Separate Account
    • Mutual Funds

Investment Philosophy

We believe the performance of global public real estate equity securities ultimately reflects both the fundamentals of the space market and the impact of broader capital market trends and market sentiment. Our strategy is adaptive, in that it recognizes that macro-economic, capital market and real estate cycles may develop at a different pace over time and across geographies. We also recognize the importance of understanding how a particular company’s management, strategy and real estate is suited to forecast conditions, which is a source of price arbitrage in the securities market.

Our Value Add

  • Global Reach, Local Execution: Team members are strategically located in markets across North America, Europe and Asia, bringing experience and insights into local, country and regional markets that cannot be picked up in a top-line forecast.
  • Experienced Dedicated Team: Our multinational real estate investment professionals have long-standing experience and broad real estate investment capabilities, averaging over 18 years of experience in their local markets
  • Cutting Edge Research and Analysis: We apply cutting-edge research and analysis to understand local real estate fundamentals, changing capital availability and cost, and potential deviations from economic expectations that may drive investor sentiment. These top-down factors are balanced with rigorous, bottom-up analytics driven by a multi-pronged valuation process and comprehensive risk assessment
  • Portfolio Construction Process: Our proprietary Analytical Ranking Model aggregates investment analysis from all regions and is supported by intensive collaboration and frequent communication, enabling us to adapt quickly to market movements
  • Track Record: We have a longstanding, favorable track record

Investment Solutions

Global Real Estate Securities

Global Real Estate Securities Strategies offer broad diversification opportunities as well as the ability to augment an existing investment program with targeted regional or country exposure. Listed real estate offers the liquidity that may be important to balance existing investments.


U.S. REIT Securities Strategies

The U.S. REIT market is one of the most specialized listed property markets in the world, offering exposure to specific property types and markets across the country. U.S. REITs include traditional property sectors—office, multifamily and industrial. Additionally, property types that may be inefficient to own in a private equity portfolio due to scale or management intensity, such as regional malls and hotels, can be accessed in a public equity portfolio.


Europe Real Estate Securities

A European regional strategy offers exposure to a number of diverse real estate markets, economies and property types. While property in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland dominates the portfolios of diversified companies, property investments in Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic exist as well.


Asia Pacific Real Estate Securities

The Asia Pacific offers a number of distinct real estate securities investment opportunities, from a focused J-REIT (Japan) portfolio focused on income to a broad Asia Pacific strategy anchored by REIT income with exposure to property developers in some of the world's fastest growing economies. Strategies can focus on income or growth, or on the complementing characteristics of both.



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