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Emerging Markets Local Debt

  • AUM $2.0 billion
    (December 31, 2018)
  • Inception Date 2014
  • Benchmark J.P. Morgan Gov Bond Index EM Global Div (Unhedged)
  • Vehicles Available
    • UCITS Fund
    • Separate Account
    • Mutual Fund

Investment Philosophy

The portfolio management team combines quantitative models and macroeconomic analysis with bottom-up sovereign research to identify economic cycles and economic competitiveness across a wide range of emerging market countries. The economic cycle is a key determinant of interest rates dynamics and export competitiveness is a key driver of currencies.

Our Value Add

Seasoned emerging markets debt team supported by an extensive platform and proprietary quantitative tools

  • Experienced Team and Extensive Platform: An experienced portfolio management team, proprietary quantitative models and fundamental analysis tools differentiate Barings from its competitors.
  • Proprietary Quantitative Models and In-Depth Macroeconomic Analysis: We identify country-by-country economic cycles and international competitiveness across a wide range of emerging markets and developed economies. This provides a diversified and global perspective to investment opportunities.
  • Risk Management: Risk is monitored throughout the investment process on a bond-by-bond and currency level. The risk management framework includes rigorous quantitative modeling and scenario analysis. 

Portfolio Managers

 Dr. Ricardo Adrogué

Dr. Ricardo Adrogué

 Cem Karacadag

Cem Karacadag

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