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ESG in Fixed Income

The Intent Beyond the Income

We believe the best way to advance change is by rewarding progress. As active fixed income managers, we engage with issuers to gain a better understanding of ESG concerns, as well as any steps being taken to address them—looking for opportunities to drive meaningful, long-term change across our corporate credit asset classes.


Integrating ESG into fixed income investing can help mitigate risks, uncover new opportunities and provide long-term value to investors.


We place as much or more credence in an issuer’s ESG outlook, and prioritize the direction in which a company is evolving over its starting point.


We engage with companies as a means of identifying improving credit stories and motivating lasting change.

How Innovations in Private Credit Are Driving ESG Progress

Sustainability-linked loans are among the new ways lenders are providing incentives for middle market companies to strengthen their ESG practices.

Insights - 7 min read

ESG: Managing Climate Risk in EM Corporate Debt Portfolios

EM companies are making strides when it comes to capturing and disclosing climate risks, but there is work still to be done. Encouragingly, investors and managers are often able to go a few steps further to fill the gaps.

Insights - 7 min read

ESG Innovations in Private Credit

Aaron Gillespie, portfolio manager in Barings Global Private Finance group sheds light on the evolving landscape for analyzing and incorporating ESG factors into private credit investing, including recent innovations like sustainability-linked loan agreements.

Podcast - 31 min listen

EM Debt: How ESG & Economics Are Shaping the Outlook

Ricardo Adrogue and Kawtar Ed-Dahmani see room for positive economic surprises in emerging markets despite concerns from COVID to higher interest rates to inflation. They explain why ESG factors are so critical to sustaining long-term growth and performance in these markets.

Podcast - 46 min listen

ESG in High Yield: Three Challenges Facing Managers Today

From influencing company behavior to seeking better data disclosure, high yield managers are pushing the envelope when it comes to ESG.

Insights - 7 min read

From Diversification to ESG: The Evolving Opportunity in ABS

Asset-backed securities can offer a number of benefits as part of a broader fixed income mandate—particularly given the strong structural protections, diversification benefits and advancements in ESG.

Insights - 8 min read

Finding the Right Sovereign ESG Indicators: A Greek Tragedy?

On our mini odyssey through the vast seas of sovereign ESG indicators, we sought to identify data from reliable third parties—which would provide benchmarking criteria between countries and also serve as an effective screening tool to identify outliers.

Insights - 11 min read

ESG: The Intent Beyond the Income

ESG is playing an increasingly meaningful role in fixed income investing. At Barings, we formally integrate ESG across our corporate credit asset classes—but the way we apply our analysis is necessarily different due to the nuances of each market.

Insights - 12 min read


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