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ESG in Equities

Seeking Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns and Better ESG Practices

At Barings, we strongly believe in integrating ESG factors into fundamental, bottom-up investment analysis and decision-making, taking a dynamic and forward-looking approach to analyzing a company’s ESG practices and actively engaging with management teams to improve ESG outcomes.

Further details can be found within our policy and stewardship documents:


We believe integrating ESG allows us to better assess risks and opportunities for our investments that may not be apparent in traditional fundamental analysis.


We monitor investments for improvement or deterioration in their ESG standards to highlight and reward more sustainable business practices.


We believe in driving outcomes through direct engagement with corporate management teams, rather than relying solely on exclusions.

ESG in Equities: Identifying Winners in the Energy Transition

Clean energy and anti-pollution initiatives will continue to impact the equity investment landscape—but not all companies will be winners, and careful analysis will be needed to identify those that stand to benefit and those that may see a threat to their business model.

Insights - 5 min read

ESG in Equities: Better Outcomes Require Better Practices

Not all approaches to ESG are created equal—why a focus on integration, forward-looking dynamics and active engagement is the key to unlocking long-term returns in equity investments.

Insights - 10 min read

ESG in Equities: Not All Approaches are Created Equal

Dr. Ghadir Cooper, Global Head of Equities, shares insight into the deliberate approach that her team takes when incorporating ESG into their investment process, including how integration, dynamism and active engagement contribute to better outcomes.

Podcast - 36 min listen

ESG in Mining: A Quiet Revolution is Surfacing

There's a quiet revolution underway in mining that is delivering more change than it has seen in centuries. Investors, like many observers, have long had a negative view of the ESG records of the mining industry.

White Paper - 18 min read


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