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Navigating Climate Risk

Understanding, assessing and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

As the world grapples with the reality of climate change, asset managers like Barings have the opportunity to find potential solutions and the responsibility to help their clients navigate the many associated risks.


Integrating climate-related factors into our bottom-up investment process helps us identify which companies are best mitigating or managing climate risk.


We rely on proprietary tools to assess our portfolios' carbon footprint, including models to estimate carbon emissions where third-party company data is unavailable.


We believe engaging with companies, rather than relying solely on exclusion, is an effective way to identify progress and drive positive change.

Measuring a Country’s Carbon Emissions: A Debate with High Stakes

Why some metrics are more accurate, more equitable, and more efficient than others.

Insights - 11 min read

Can Emerging Markets Make the Climate Transition?

Reaching decarbonization goals requires EMs to agree on actionable plans. Watch our webinar for a debate on what metrics should be measured, how countries and companies can progress, and the various roles that policymakers, companies and capital providers play in the process.

Webinar - 60 min watch

Keeping Real Estate Portfolios Above Water Amid Rising Sea Levels

A key risk that should increasingly come into investors' focus is the rise in sea levels globally. There is no longer much of a debate around “if” sea levels are rising—they are—and the evidence suggests that this pace is accelerating materially.

Insights - 6 min read

ESG: Managing Climate Risk in EM Corporate Debt Portfolios

EM companies are making strides when it comes to capturing and disclosing climate risks, but there is work still to be done. Encouragingly, investors and managers are often able to go a few steps further to fill the gaps.

Insights - 7 min read

ESG in High Yield: Three Challenges Facing Managers Today

High yield portfolio manager, Gareth Hall, provides insight into three ESG challenges facing high yield managers today—from influencing company behavior as debt holders, to measuring carbon emissions and advocating for their reduction, to solving for data limitations.

Podcast - 32 min listen

ESG in Equities: Identifying Winners in the Energy Transition

Clean energy and anti-pollution initiatives will continue to impact the equity investment landscape—but not all companies will be winners, and careful analysis will be needed to identify those that stand to benefit and those that may see a threat to their business model.

Insights - 5 min read

Tech Faces Up To Its Environmental Footprint

As technology firms deploy products that make our lives better, they face a lengthening list of questions around their ESG commitments. Watch our experts as they discuss the challenges facing innovators, executives and regulators.

Webinar - 60 min watch

Why Climate Change Poses Risk for Bank Bondholders

Thought it was difficult to analyze a bank before? Climate change has made it much harder.

Insights - 3 min read


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