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Artificial Intelligence: Turbo-Charging The New Digital World

10 September 2020 - 20 min read

Building the foundations of Artificial Intelligence systems is a key driver of economic growth today. Specifically, combining Big Data and Machine Learning has the power to transform business models and whole industries.

While still early, emerging S-Curves of growth across these industries will justify the very large macroeconomic forecasts of AI’s impact. An effective AI strategy may likely soon be considered table stakes for any firm planning for success over the next decade. While AI and Machine Learning are not new concepts, progress has accelerated rapidly due to the concurrent exponential performance improvements of the computing tools, the growing availability of Big Data sets and the falling costs of data storage. As the models for training and testing algorithms have improved and become more defined, we are now seeing emphasis slowly shift to the deployment of these models in the real world, driving business decisions and competitive advantage.


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