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Key Investor Information Documents

Barings German Growth Fund

Share Class ISIN Language KIID/KID
Tranche B CHF Hedged Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PHV95 Swedish
Tranche B EUR Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PHW03 Swedish
Tranche B EUR Income Shares IE00BG7PHX10 Swedish
Tranche B GBP Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PHY27 Swedish
Tranche B GBP Income Shares IE00BG7PHZ34 Swedish
Tranche B RMB Hedged Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PJ021 Swedish
Tranche B USD Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PJ138 Swedish
Tranche B USD Hedged Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PJ245 Swedish
Tranche J EUR Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PJ351 Swedish
Tranche J EUR Income Shares IE00BG7PJ468 Swedish
Tranche J GBP Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PJ575 Swedish
Tranche J GBP Hedged Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PJ682 Swedish
Tranche J GBP Income Shares IE00BG7PJ799 Swedish
Tranche J USD Accumulating Shares IE00BG7PJ807 Swedish

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