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Key Investor Information Documents

Barings German Growth Trust

Share Class ISIN Language KIID/KID
Class A CHF Hedged Acc GB00BQSTG571 Dutch
Class A EUR Acc GB0008192063 Dutch
Class A EUR Inc GB00B2PSLK99 Dutch
Class A GBP Acc GB0000822576 Dutch
Class A GBP Inc GB00B2PSLJ84 Dutch
Class A RMB Hedged Acc GB00BPFJCX30 Dutch
Class A USD Acc GB00BF2H6K58 Dutch
Class A USD Hedged Acc GB00BXVMKV60 Dutch
Class I EUR Acc GB00BY2ZN893 Dutch
Class I EUR Inc GB00BYQCVR12 Dutch
Class I GBP Acc GB00B9M3QX41 Dutch
Class I GBP Hedged Acc GB00BX8ZV605 Dutch
Class I GBP Inc GB00B8DDY871 Dutch
Class I USD Acc GB00BF2H6J44 Dutch

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