EN Luxembourg
  • AUM $10.3 billion
    (30 September 2021)
  • Inception Date 2018
  • Vehicles Available
    • Separate Account
    • Joint Venture
    • Commingled Funds
    • QIF

Investment Philosophy

We believe a solutions focused culture, a partnership approach, an ability to scalably source diverse investment opportunities across 4 distinct origination channels and the ability to apply sophisticated structuring techniques are the keys to generating attractive risk-adjusted returns across the residential, consumer and commercial asset-backed sectors.


  • Emphasize long term origination partnerships to provide distinct and durable access to differentiated investment opportunities for our investors
  • Growing emphasis on cultivating relationships with early stage origination platforms to capture enhanced yields
  • Employ structuring techniques designed to optimize risk and capital requirements
  • Incorporate enhanced covenant protections and performance-based economic incentives to align interests with our origination counterparties.


  • Residential: Whole loans (prime jumbo, non-qm, investor, re-performing, non-performing, GNMA early buyouts, manufactured housing), mortgage servicing rights, single family rental term loans
  • Consumer: Student loans, consumer loans, subprime/ near prime auto, subprime credit card, timeshare
  • Commercial: Leases (rental car, equipment, shipping container, railcar), whole business securitizations, PACE - Commercial

Investment Types

  • Whole loan, warehouse facility, variable funding facility, term loan and securitization (senior, sub and mezz), residuals

Our Value Add

  • Distinct Originiation Capabilites: Over 90% of the portfolio has been directly sourced with origination partners, providing investors access to attractive differentiated investment opportunities 
  • Scale: Over $13.4 billion of residential, consumer and commercial asset-backed investments originated since 2018  
  • Dedicated Investment Team: Comprised of 14 dedicated investment professionals with capabilities in fundamental credit, quantitative analysis and transactions structuring to develop solutions with our origination partners and help generate attractive, targeted, risk-adjusted returns to our investors across the capital structure

Portfolio Managers

 Burak Cetin

Burak Cetin

 Brendan Feeney

Brendan Feeney

 William Awad III, CFA

William Awad III, CFA

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