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Emerging Markets Debt: Navigating A Shifting Landscape

Emerging Markets are rife with opportunity, but managing risks is critical.

From COVID to trade tensions to politics, there are a number of risks facing emerging markets debt investors. But attractive opportunities continue to materialize across the EM spectrum, including in local currency, sovereign hard currency and corporate debt. The key to capitalizing on them is selectivity.


Emerging markets can offer a potential yield premium versus developed market debt.


Challenges will persist, but not all countries and companies will be equally impacted.


Volatility often leads to price dislocation, creating value opportunities for investors.

EM Debt: Why Passive Strategies Often Miss the Mark

When it comes to emerging markets, index tracking can result in both increased risks and missed opportunities.

Insights - 5 min read

From Rates, to Growth, to China: What’s Next for EM Debt?

While volatility resurfaced in the third quarter, there are a number of positive factors that continue to support EM sovereign, corporate and local debt.

Short View - 4 min read

Measuring a Country’s Carbon Emissions: A Debate with High Stakes

Why some metrics are more accurate, more equitable, and more efficient than others.

Insights - 11 min read

Growing Pains for EM Corporates Amid China's Regulatory Crackdown

Chinese corporates are experiencing growing pains as fines and restrictions rain down on sectors like tech, real estate and education—but select opportunities are emerging as well.

Insights - 8 min read

EM Debt: Assessing the Impact of China’s Crackdowns

Omotunde Lawal, Head of EM Corporate Debt, sheds light on China’s recent regulatory crackdowns on industries ranging from technology to education to property, and explains the risks and opportunities these actions may present for fixed income investors.

Podcast - 33 min listen

Three Reasons for EM Corporate Short Duration Debt

While the potential for inflation and rising rates could create a headwind for EM debt, a short duration approach can provide an opportunity to pick up incremental yield and diversification, with less volatility.

Insights - 7 min read

ESG: Managing Climate Risk in EM Corporate Debt Portfolios

EM companies are making strides when it comes to capturing and disclosing climate risks, but there is work still to be done. Encouragingly, investors and managers are often able to go a few steps further to fill the gaps.

Insights - 7 min read

EM Debt: Fundamentals Back to the Forefront

The EM growth picture remains positive, but with the Fed’s hawkish pivot toward quarter-end, sovereign and corporate debt look better positioned than local currencies.

Short View - 4 min read

EM Debt: How ESG & Economics Are Shaping the Outlook

Ricardo Adrogue and Kawtar Ed-Dahmani see room for positive economic surprises in emerging markets despite concerns from COVID to higher interest rates to inflation. They explain why ESG factors are so critical to sustaining long-term growth and performance in these markets.

Podcast - 46 min listen


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