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Built for What’s Next

We’ve learned over the last 25 years that it takes experience and perspective to navigate through uncertain times.

At Barings Real Estate, we harness the full breadth and depth of our $40+ billion real estate platform to deliver our clients a more complete picture of the opportunities ahead, and the solutions to capitalize on them.

Local Market Expertise

Presence in 9 countries, with in-house capabilities from sourcing and asset management to research and portfolio construction.

Stability for the Long Run

Backed by a strong parent company with a long-term focus, and investing alongside our clients to ensure an alignment of interests.

A Sustainable Approach

Taking ESG into consideration at each stage of investment, and focusing on the long-term impact of every decision we make.

European Real Estate: Finding & Creating Value Today

Portfolio manager, Rory Allan, joins Streaming Income to discuss the health of European real estate markets today, where the team is currently seeing—and creating—the most value, and how ESG considerations are continuing to change the investment landscape.

Podcast - 36 min listen

Keeping Real Estate Portfolios Above Water Amid Rising Sea Levels

As investors increasingly turn their attention to climate risks, concerns about global sea level rise are more frequently influencing investment decisions in real estate markets. The Barings Real Estate team discusses how to measure, analyze and mitigate such risks.

Insights - 6 min read

The Future of Office: From Uncertainty to Opportunity

There are three key drivers that will shape office demand in the recovery ahead—and ultimately determine which assets and markets will be the winners and which will be the losers.

Insights - 6 min read

European Real Estate: To Build or Not to Build?

Higher build costs and longer construction periods pose a potential headwind for profits. But in select markets, developers have the ability to charge a premium rent and potentially exceed required returns.

Insights - 5 min read

Can Residential Fill the Retail Investment Gap?

Property investors and their lenders are shifting down the risk curve and becoming highly selective about  sector exposures and asset quality. The Barings Real Estate team weighs in on how these trends will drive opportunities through 2021 and beyond.

Insights - 8 min read

Spring Is Here

With vaccinations making steady progress, the near-term outlook for the U.S. economy is as bright as it’s been in three decades. However, risks remain—and the recovery will be uneven across and within markets and sectors. The Barings Real Estate team weighs in.

Insights - 11 min read

U.S. Real Estate: Why the Life Sciences Market is Flourishing

The Life Sciences real estate market is growing rapidly with investor and tenant interest reaching new highs. Barings Real Estate’s Joe Gorin and Nasir Alamgir explain what’s driving this—from both equity and debt perspectives—and weigh in on where the market may go from here.

Podcast - 41 minute listen

The Case for European Real Estate Debt

The supportive pricing fundamentals in the European real estate market, and low leverage relative to previous property cycles, suggest the asset class is well-positioned to withstand the impact of the pandemic.

Insights - 7 min read

Value-Add Beyond the Pandemic

In this AFIRE Summit piece, we explain how the shock from the global pandemic has roiled real estate markets around the world—making the quality and location of properties as important as ever.

Article - 6 min read

U.S. Research Real Estate Quarterly

As businesses and individuals continue to adapt to COVID-19, the resulting trends are reshaping the U.S. real estate landscape. While some changes may be temporary, others will alter the industry and future opportunity set. The Barings Real Estate team weighs in.

Outlook - 8 min read

European Research Real Estate Quarterly

In the midst of a pandemic, some European real estate sectors are thriving, and should emerge stronger in the end, while others are merely surviving. The Barings Real Estate team provides insight into where opportunities—and risks—may arise next.

Outlook - 7 min read

Real Estate Debt: Europe’s Developing Opportunity

Barings Real Estate’s Sam Mellor describes the trends underpinning the structural growth of real estate debt in Europe, and compares and contrasts the asset class with other public and private fixed income alternatives.

Podcast - 34 minute listen

“Understanding the interplay between near-term cyclical weakness and long-term structural trends will be key for investors as they navigate global real estate markets in the months and years ahead.”


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