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2021 Outlook: The Uneven Recovery

Navigating public and private markets in the year ahead

2020 brought unparalleled changes to the way we work and live. From fixed income to real estate to public and private equity markets, fundamentals have changed—in some cases permanently. Read, watch and listen as Barings' investment professionals discuss where they're seeing risks and opportunities.


The Uneven Recovery: Webinar

In this webinar, investment professionals from the public and private markets discuss what’s in store for 2021 and answer the pressing questions on many investors’ minds.

Webinar - 48 min watch

The Uneven Recovery: Roundtable

Barings' experts discuss the key themes likely to impact markets in the year ahead—from the pandemic to ESG to the acceleration in e-commerce.

Conversations - 9 min read

The Uneven Recovery: Podcast

Listen as Barings' portfolio managers and investment professionals discuss the cyclical and structural trends expected to shape public and private markets in 2021 & beyond.

Podcast - 40 min listen



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