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Public Real Estate Equity Securities

  • AUM $1.5 billion
    (31 March 2019)
  • 설정일 2000
  • 투자형태
    • Separate Account
    • Mutual Funds

Investment Philosophy

We believe the performance of global real estate equity securities reflects both the fundamentals of real estate markets and the impact of broader capital market trends and sentiment. We seek to invest in companies that own quality real estate capable of generating attractive long-term earnings and value growth.

Our Value Add

  • Experienced team: Our real estate investment professionals have broad expertise, averaging over 20 years of experience in their local markets.
  • Cutting-edge research: We apply cutting-edge research and analysis to understand local real estate fundamentals - combining top-down factors with rigorous bottom-up analysis, a multipronged valuation process and comprehensive risk assessment.
  • Portfolio construction process: Our proprietary Valuation Model is supported by collaboration and frequent communication, enabling us to adapt quickly to market movements.

Investment Solutions

Global Real Estate Securities

Listed real estate offers the liquidity that may be important to balance clients' existing investments. Global Real Estate Securities Strategies offer broad diversification opportunities and the ability to augment an existing investment program with targeted regional or country exposure. Client strategies can emphasize income by focusing mainly on REITs, or can include investments in listed Real Estate Operating Companies (REOCs) that develop real estate globally and provide access to growing economies.

U.S. REIT Securities Strategies

The U.S. REIT market is one of the most specialized listed property markets in the world, offering potential diversification opportunities via exposure to specific property types and markets across the country. Our U.S. Equity REIT Strategy is focused on traditional property sectors and equity REITs, while our U.S. All REIT Strategy invests in the finance and non-traditional property sectors.

Europe Real Estate Securities

We believe publicly listed equity is underrepresented as a proportion of investment grade real estate in Europe, offering significant opportunities for market expansion. A European regional strategy provides exposure to a number of diverse real estate markets, economies and property types. 

Asia Pacific Real Estate Securities

The Asia Pacific region offers a number of distinct real estate securities investment opportunities. Strategies can focus on income, growth or both. Real estate equity is listed in Australia and Japan, as well as in Hong Kong and Singapore, where companies have exposure to China and other emerging economies.

Investment Team Professionals

 David Wharmby, CFA

David Wharmby, CFA

 William Gustafson, CFA

William Gustafson, CFA

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