KO 대한민국

Corporate Private Placements

  • AUM $25.1 billion
    (31 March 2020)
  • 설정일 2004
  • 비교지수 Barclays U.S. Corporate
  • 투자형태
    • Separate Account

Investment Philosophy

We believe a credit-intensive culture, access to a broad array of deal sources and continuous risk monitoring are critical to generating attractive risk-adjusted returns. 

Our Value Add

  • Dedicated Investment Team: highly experienced and dedicated investment team, averaging more than 20 years of experience, leverages strong long-term relationships to provide access to a highly competitive market
  • Disciplined Credit Underwriting: our credit-intensive culture emphasizes limiting downside risk and focuses on incremental spread and meaningful covenants
  • Proven Track Record: favorable long-term performance

포트폴리오 매니저

 Emeka Onukwugha, CFA

Emeka Onukwugha, CFA

 Elisabeth Perenick, CFA, FSA

Elisabeth Perenick, CFA, FSA

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