KO 대한민국
  • AUM $754 million
    (30 June 2019)
  • 설정일 2010
  • 투자형태
    • Separate Account

Investment Philosophy

Constructing a diversified portfolio containing multiple targeted overweights and underweights across sectors, issuers and credit curves is the most effective method to consistently deliver outperformance while minimizing risk.

Our Value Add

  • The size of our team: The size and scope of our corporate research team permits a bottom-up approach that generates a rich source of investment ideas across the entire ratings spectrum and credit curve.
  • Our unique approach to constructing portfolios: Portfolios are constructed to generate excess returns from a series of targeted active overweights/underweights with an emphasis on optimal portfolio diversification across sectors, issuers and credit curves.
  • Integrated Risk Management: A long-tenured risk management process that utilizes both qualitative and quantitative measures to construct and review portfolios from a risk and volatility perspective. Coupled with our proprietary portfolio structure tool RACE (Risk Adjusted Credit Exposure) we seek to construct tailored portfolios aimed to maximize return even against unique client driven benchmarks. 


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