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Multi Asset Income

  • AUM $30.9 million
    (31 March 2019)
  • 설정일 2015
  • 투자형태
    • UCITS funds
    • Non-UCITS funds
    • Separate Account

Investment Philosophy

In a low interest rate and yield environment, we recognize our clients’ need for stable and sustainable income. Our multi-asset income strategy is diversified across all available income sources (equities, bonds and property) to deliver an above-average income stream while also providing an attractive return profile with lower-than-equity market volatility.

Our Value Add

Tried and tested over multiple market conditions

  • Our robust and repeatable multi asset investment process can deliver equity-like returns with lower-than-equity volatility
  • Our approach aims to deliver portfolios that capture upside in rising markets and offer downside protection in falling markets, while opportunistically exploiting income opportunities when and where they arise

Rigorous research

  • Our investment strategy is underpinned by a detailed 10-year forecast that examines underlying macroeconomic trends
  • We quantify market trends and drivers with current market valuations to assess how asset classes are likely to perform

Dynamic positioning for reduced volatility

  • We know that long-term returns are delivered unevenly and as such incorporate dynamic tactical positioning to capture returns when available
  • We are not obliged to invest in any one asset class; we only invest in assets that we believe will deliver returns or reduce risk

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