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Special Situations Credit

  • AUM $496 million*
    *Committed Capital in excess of $400 million
    (31 March 2019)
  • 설정일 2012 (Dedicated Funds) Investing Since 1999
  • 투자형태
    • Commingled Fund
    • Separate Account

Investment Philosophy

We believe attractive, long-term, risk-adjusted returns can best be achieved through a combination of:

  • Strong fundamental credit underwriting, with the primary focus on principal preservation
  • Active portfolio management to capture the best relative value and identify opportunities for capital appreciation

Our Value Add

  • One of the industry’s largest global high yield teams with 69 dedicated investment professionals, including a team dedicated to the special situations strategy
  • Our Special Situations platform is designed to be flexible whilst benefitting from the full scale and breadth of Barings' high yield credit platform. 
  • Smaller funds broaden the investment universe, promote efficient capital deployment and enable efficient use of the secondary markets when buying and exiting investments 
  • In-depth, bottom up credit analysis provides unparalleled coverage up and down the capital structure and across industries
  • On-the-ground resources provide local access and insight into the markets where we invest
  • Extensive experience in investing and managing Special Situations credit assets since 1999
  • Deep experience of managing assets over multiple credit cycles and leading restructuring transactions across a broad range of jurisdictions 


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 Bryan High

Bryan High

 Stuart Mathieson

Stuart Mathieson

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