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U.S. Structured Real Estate Investments

  • AUM $1.7 billion
    (31 December 2017)
  • 설정일 19991
  • 투자형태
    • Separate Account
    • Commingled Fund
    • Participation

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy emphasizes strong governance, oversight and transparency. We seek to invest our clients’ capital prudently, and use state-of-the-art research, investment and portfolio management experience to guide our decisions. The investment strategy seeks to exploit inefficiencies in the capital markets and focuses on opportunities that enhance yields and/or diversify exposures.

Our Value Add

  • Long Tenure, Experience: Our seasoned group of investment professionals has been deploying high yield capital since 1999
  • Dedicated Platform: Our vertically integrated, in-house platform consists of extensive resources across a wide range of investment origination and management disciplines, and leverages the resources of a global real estate platform
  • Sourcing Advantage: The exceptional geographic coverage and deal flow generated from our regional office network offers unique investment opportunities
  • Track Record: We have a strong history of exploiting opportunities while protecting downside risk

Investment Solutions

We offer innovative capital solutions that are designed to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving commercial real estate marketplace. We originate, manage and service alternative investment products across multiple disciplines including: direct first mortgage bridge loans and construction loans, mezzanine debt, B-notes, preferred equity and non-performing loan strategies focused on relative value.

Typical lending parameters are as follows:

Development Mezzanine Loans:
  • Loan size: $8 – $50 million
  • Fixed rate
  • 3-5 year term
  • Loan-to-cost up to 90%
Cash Flowing Mezzanine Loans:
  • Loan size: $8 – $60 million
  • Fixed or floating rate
  • 3-5 year term
  • Loan-to-value up to 85%
Bridge Loans
  • Loan size: $10 – $150 million
  • Floating rate
  • 3-5 year term
  • Loan-to-value up to 85%




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 Dean Dulchinos

Dean Dulchinos

 Tim Kenny

Tim Kenny

1Lending and debt servicing activities prior to 2010, while conducted by Structured Real Estate Investments, occurred at an affiliated firm.


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