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European Private Real Estate Equity

  • AUM $3.6 billion
    (31 December 2017)
  • 설정일 2010
  • 투자형태
    • Separate Account
    • Commingled Fund

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy emphasizes strong governance, oversight and transparency. We seek to invest our clients’ capital prudently in private real estate equity, using state-of-the-art research and cycle-tested investment and portfolio management experience to guide our decisions. We manage portfolios in ways that are sensitive to the needs of our clients while also recognizing the cyclical nature of real estate opportunities and the importance of balancing return potential with prudent risk management. We add value by actively managing our portfolios through an integrated team of acquisition, asset management and finance specialists. We also employ a prudent and pragmatic risk management process.

Our Value Add

  • Global Platform, Local Execution: We are a global real estate specialist with local expertise and execution. We have created an operator-style investment platform that helps us make more informed decisions as the market cycle develops and provides us with negotiating power and greater access to transactions
  • Experienced Team, Deal Access & Informational Advantage: Our Pan-European platform of 100+ employees, with strong deal sourcing and asset management capabilities, has a long track record in private real estate equity investing. We have 13 regional offices located in eight countries, which allows us to provide specialization in markets and submarkets over long periods of time and gives us an information advantage in deal sourcing, underwriting, asset management and dispositions
  • Track Record: We have a longstanding, favorable track record
  • Clear strategy: Our well-defined, research-led investment strategies focus on relative value and bring together top-down and bottom-up insights from real estate professionals across the firm
  • Proprietary Research: Our unique, research-led investment process, which combines fundamental analysis and local market insights from our regional offices with views from our multidisciplinary research and strategy teams, defines our broader views on relative value and preferred strategies, as well as on strategies and tactics at the portfolio and asset level

Investment Solutions

Our private real estate equity capabilities in Europe include core, core-plus, value-add and opportunistic strategies that are designed to meet the diverse investment needs of our clients both in commingled funds and separate accounts. Core strategies focus on delivering stable total returns while providing an attractive level of distributable income. We employ a risk-aware approach to value‐add investing, focusing on assets with current cash flow, short duration value‐add executions, and moderate leverage, in markets where supply/demand forecasts are favorable. In addition to offering broad diversified exposure to European markets, we manage country and sector specific strategies on behalf of our investors. These strategies are offered through a combination of commingled funds, separate accounts, club and co-investment opportunities.




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Matthias Gerloff


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