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Welcome to the Barings Investment Institute

Tom Finke, Chairman and CEO of Barings, explains how the Institute will build on the firm’s broad expertise and global footprint, while Christopher Smart, Head of the Barings Institute, offers a sneak preview of what you can expect to find on these pages.

Welcome to the Barings Investment Institute! As a growing firm with a global footprint, our investment teams draw on a broad range of perspectives around the world and across the capital stack. From fixed income and equities to real estate, private finance and private equity, we explore investment and capital opportunities from nearly every angle. The Institute’s central mission is to help each of our investment teams draw from the benefits of the firm’s broader skillsets. We believe that the breadth and depth of our activities help set us apart as we manage assets on behalf of our clients and provide capital to our customers. We also look forward to sharing with you the Institute’s efforts to examine how longer-term changes in the global economy will frame future investment strategies and capital choices.


The Institute frames its work principally around three sets of activities. First, we provide analysis of economic, market and political developments to provide context for the investment decisions our teams make every day. Second, we manage an internal marketplace that shares ideas and expertise across all our analysts, economists and portfolio managers in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Third, we explore key drivers of economic, political and technological change, with a view of how they will create new and different frameworks for investment and financing decisions. Our goal is to draw attention to future possibilities (and perils) from perspectives shaped by our global footprint and investment skills. We hope you will return to our Institute pages regularly and let us know what you think at InvestmentInstitute@barings.com.


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