JA 日本 機関投資家のお客様

David Jin(ディヴィッド・ジン)

プライベート・エクイティ/実物資産運用チーム ディレクター 

David Jin(ディヴィッド・ジン)

David Jin is a member of Barings Alternative Investments, a global real estate, private equity and real assets platform. David is a part of the Private Equity/Real Assets team and is responsible for sourcing and underwriting Pharmaceutical investments. David has worked in the industry since 2012. Prior to joining the firm in 2017, David was a Director of Corporate Development for Sorrento Therapeutics, a clinical-stage antibody-focused biopharma company, where he was involved with clinical/portfolio strategy and acquisitions. Prior to that, David was a management consultant at IQVIA, consulting for global pharmaceutical companies on market access, pricing, transaction advisory, and strategy and portfolio analysis. David received a B.S. from Northwestern University, where he graduated from the Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences program with a double major in Industrial Engineering.


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