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looking forward by looking back

“Throughout history, Barings has been a leader in providing global, innovative, diversified solutions to clients. This mission continues to drive the firm today, as much as it did in 1762.”

Tom Finke

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


John and Francis Baring & Co.
(Barings) is established



barings finances louisiana purchase

Barings bought this territory from France,
and sold it back to the
newly-formed United
States—nearly doubling the country’s size


barings commences direct
business with china


barings manages first external
bond issue for argentina


barings finances mexican

(now southwest
portion of U.S.)


Today’s Barings is Formed

MassMutual brings together Barings, Babson, Cornerstone and Wood Creek
to create one global, diversified asset management organization: Barings


barings becomes member of
un global compact, in support of
un's sustainable development goals

Strengthens firm's social impact focus

Barings acquires Triangle Capital Corporation (renamed Barings BDC Inc.)

Publicly listed business development company
(BDC) making middle market investments


barings launches barings social impact

Associate-led philanthropic and community service initiative

barings launches
barings investment institute


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