EN Ireland Professional Investor
  • AUM $5.2 billion*
    Funds Under Management (NAV+Undrawn Commitments): $7.2 billion
    (30 September 2021)
  • Inception Date 1991

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is designed to partner with our clients to deliver customized private equity and real assets solutions. Since 1991, we have engaged best-in-class managers with extensive industry expertise, allowing us to consistently identify attractive investment opportunities. Our proprietary investment process and broad origination capabilities enable us to create portfolios based on each client’s unique private market objectives. 


  • Proactive origination program with established results
  • Seek to generate portfolio alpha via access to co-investments and secondary transactions
  • A rigorous, consistent investment process designed to create repeatable performance and greater transparency

Our Value Add

  • Develop customized portfolios and investment programs 
  • Consultative approach to structuring portfolios, serving as an extension to client staff
  • Provide access to specialized opportunities, including co-investments, secondaries and small-market or emerging managers   
  • Offer strategic planning to transition large, existing portfolios for optimal results 
  • Aggregate portfolio results and provide transparent reporting and portfolio analytics
  • Monitoring and Reporting services for large, legacy portfolios to alleviate client staffing and resources 
  • Offer training and market perspectives to  support the development of internal client capabilities 
  • Allow for proper governance that suits the client’s internal processes and controls


  • Invest globally across private equity, real assets, real estate and private credit  strategies
  • Outcome-oriented approach to portfolio construction
  • Utilize data-driven processes/systems to support underwriting and monitoring
  • Ability to invest across primary funds, co-investments and secondaries
  • Design fee structures to maximize alignment with our clients' interests

Industry Expertise

  • Team of 22 dedicated investment professionals with depth in real assets, lower middle-market and emerging managers
  • Strategy specialization across traditional private equity and real assets
  • Proven co-investment track record dating back to 1993

Extensive Reach

  • Investment sourcing via 2,700+ rated managers, Barings’ global asset management platform 
  • Far-reaching global access and market coverage
  • Maintain data for nearly 2,000 portfolio companies on a quarterly basis

* Values represent a mixture of March 31, 2020 and September 30, 2021 market valuations rolled forward with all capital activity through September 30, 2021.

Investment Team Professionals

 Allen Ruiz

Allen Ruiz

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