EN Ireland Professional Investor

Disciplined in the Good Times. Here Through the Challenging Ones.

In 25+ years of managing private credit, we have learned that a disciplined approach is key to enduring shocks and capitalizing on longer-term opportunities.

Broad Perspective

Our global teams give us valuable insight into the dynamics of each market and access to a wide range of investment opportunities.

Alignment of Interests

As a principal investor for our parent company, we invest our own capital in most transactions, aligning our interests with those of our clients.

Cycle-Tested Approach

Our diversified portfolios are built to perform through cycles—and we have experience working through difficult situations and market downturns.

Three Trends Driving Today’s European Private Credit Market

Incumbency, a laser focus on risk mitigation, and a unique approach to ESG are critical in this “winner-takes-all” environment.

Short View - 5 min read

European Private Credit: Winner Takes All?

Mark Wilton, a portfolio manager in Barings’ Global Private Finance Group, describes the competitive backdrop in European private credit, including what's driving manager outperformance and access to deal flow, as well the ever-increasing focus on ESG.

Podcast - 39 min listen

How Innovations in Private Credit Are Driving ESG Progress

Sustainability-linked loans are among the new ways lenders are providing incentives for middle market companies to strengthen their ESG practices.

Insights - 7 min read

ESG Innovations in Private Credit

Aaron Gillespie, portfolio manager in Barings Global Private Finance group sheds light on the evolving landscape for analyzing and incorporating ESG factors into private credit investing, including recent innovations like sustainability-linked loan agreements.

Podcast - 31 min listen

Private Credit: What CIOs are Watching Today

Barings’ Jon Bock hosts a cinema-themed roundtable discussion with leading CIOs and investors in the private credit markets covering the asset class’ recent performance, the current challenges facing LPs and GPs, and how to prepare for what’s next.

Podcast - 62 min listen

European Private Credit: Positive Momentum                     

Barings' Adam Wheeler describes the strong and improving conditions in the European private credit market that have led to increased deal flow and higher-quality structures in recent months.

Podcast - 31 min listen

Three Factors Shaping the Opportunity in European Private Credit

The growing importance of market access, a wider investor base and the impact of ESG on pricing are reshaping the European middle market.

Short View - 3 min read

Riding the Refinancing Wave                             

Private credit has fared well during this crisis, but the real test may come at the back end, say Barings’ head of private assets Eric Lloyd and CFO of Barings BDC Jon Bock.

Article - 6 min read

Post-COVID European Private Credit: A Higher Quality Market?

On the back of COVID, transactions in the European middle market are showing decreased leverage levels, stronger documentation and improvements in pricing—suggesting a rebasing of the market from where it has been for the past several years.

Insights - 44 min listen

Private Credit: The Turn of the Cycle

Co-Heads of Global Private Finance, Ian Fowler and Adam Wheeler describe the evolving conditions in the North American and European private credit markets and where opportunities may arise in the months and years ahead.

Podcast - 44 min listen

What’s Next for Private Credit?

Now that the proverbial rubber has met the road, many investors are questioning what’s in store for private credit in the months (and years) ahead. In many ways, the current volatility is setting the stage for significant opportunity—but managing the downside is critical.

Insights - 7 min read

“Managers who have maintained a disciplined approach—rather than chasing yield through higher leverage or looser covenant structures—are well-positioned to endure this near-term shock and capitalize on the longer-term opportunity.”

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