EN Global Institutional

International Focused EAFE Plus

  • AUM $577 million
    (September 30, 2021)
  • Inception Date 2000
  • Vehicles Available
    • Mutual Fund
    • Separate Account

Investment Philosophy

  • Our investment philosophy reflects our understanding that equity markets are both inefficient and risky.
  • We believe that inefficiencies are greatest at the stock level and that over the long-term stock selection by active fund managers can add value in all equity asset classes.
  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns can be achieved through a disciplined, bottom-up, stock selection process and a differentiated, risk-aware, portfolio construction process.
  • Barings’ equity investment style is Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP).  We seek to identify companies which we believe are mispriced on a longer term basis, based on our understanding of management strategy and the potential for the company to improve returns and grow earnings.
  • We value companies on a long term-term basis utilizing proprietary valuation models that incorporate ESG analysis and macro considerations.

Our Value Add

  • Our Depth of Resources: We have a diversified global team of 50+ investment professionals, producing proprietary and differentiated company research, which drives our stock selection.
  • Our Focus on a Five-Year Research Horizon: Our research horizon is five years. We believe the market inefficiency is more pronounced over this time horizon, allowing us to readily identify companies with unrecognized growth potential. 
  • Barings Cost of Equity: We capture and quantify both systematic and idiosyncratic risk via Barings’ proprietary Cost of Equity (COE). We incorporate these economic- and stock-specific potential risks into our valuation of equities and setting of price targets. 
  • Unique and Quantifiable Integration of ESG: We strongly believe that ESG analysis helps to identify risks that are not typically captured through traditional financial analysis. As a result, we have fully embedded ESG into our investment process, and by doing so, ESG has an influence on both our qualitative assessment and final Barings Cost of Equity of a company.
  • Our Proprietary Portfolio Construction Tools: We believe the key to delivering high risk-adjusted returns is through company stock selection and robust risk management. We achieve this through the use of our proprietary, in-house portfolio construction tools. 

Portfolio Managers

 Jonathan Greenhill

Jonathan Greenhill

 David Bertocchi, CFA

David Bertocchi, CFA

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