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A Versatile Approach to Fixed Income Investing

Uncovering the Full Potential of Investment Grade Credit

For investors willing to look beyond traditional fixed income strategies to potentially achieve greater yield and return, an opportunistic approach may be an attractive solution. 


Positions investors to capitalize on global relative value across asset classes, sectors and geographies 


Provides access to higher-yielding investment grade asset classes, while still managing credit and duration risks   


Offers portfolio diversification as well as a single point of access to a range of investment opportunities

How Opportunistic Is Your Investment Grade Allocation?

Michael Freno, Head of Global Markets, discusses the benefits of 'multi-asset' or 'opportunistic' credit portfolios and the newly-launched Barings Global Investment Grade Strategies.

Conversations - 7 min read

Investment Grade Credit—Rates, BBBs & ABS

From inverted yield curves to potential BBB downgrade risk, Barings’ David Nagle discusses some of the key challenges facing investors in the IG markets today.

Podcast - 23 min listen

The Changing Face of Investment Grade Credit

In a recent interview, David Nagle, Head of Barings’ Multi Strategy Fixed Income Group, discussed the state of the investment grade credit market, including how the market has evolved through the years.

Conversations - 5 min read


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