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Charges and costs explained

Barings' Mutual Funds have a number of charges and costs that will affect the value of your investment. It is important that you understand the different types of charges.

The Fund charges and costs explained document provides a detailed description of Barings' charges and costs.

The Barings' Fund costs and charges document provides a breakdown of charges and costs associated with individual Barings Funds.

Please see the Investment Association guide for further information on fund charges and costs. Charges and costs can be broadly categorised into two categories: One-off charges and other charges.

One-off charges:

Charge Description
Entry charge This is often referred to as the initial charge and may be taken from your investment before it is invested.
Exit charge There are currently no exit charges for any of the Barings Funds.
Switching charge Barings does not currently charge for switching between funds and trusts. However, your financial advisor or distributor may charge commission.
Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT) Please note that SDRT was abolished from April 2014.

Other charges:

Charge Description
Ongoing charges figure (OCF) The OCF is an industry standard method of measuring the aggregate effect of a number of the annual charges. It includes charges such as the Annual Management Charge (AMC), administration fee, custody fees and other expenses.
Performance fee There are no performance fees for Barings' Funds.
Portfolio transaction costs (PTC) This is the cost of selling or buying underlying investments in the funds, including broker commissions, taxes, redemption fees and transfer fees. 

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