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Our Commitment

Barings Real Estate provides its clients with an investment platform that excels in its commitment to ethical, sustainable and responsible investing. We embrace a culture of taking responsibility and making decisions that are right: Decisions that are right not only for our investors, but also for the world in which we live. We stand behind our commitments, and we want our investors to feel proud to have retained us to help them meet their financial and investment goals.

We invite you to learn more about our Social, Environmental, and Corporate Responsibility practices and participation with other like-minded organizations in the industry by clicking on the topics below.

Barings is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment ("UNPRI") initiative and a member of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). Many of the like-minded organizations with which we are associated are listed below under Organizations.

Barings global ESG Committee empowers the various investment teams to create and operate their own micro policies through their designated ESG Committees. Barings Real Estate maintains an Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance committee (“ESG Committee”) with reporting responsibilities to senior management. The role of the ESG Committee is to review all real estate environmental, social and corporate governance matters, including, but not limited to: setting policy, completing surveys, pursuing memberships, and reporting on the respective topics.

Barings Real Estate Sustainability Policy

Socially Aware Investing

Barings Real Estate takes a proactive, conservative and responsible approach towards each investment we recommend to our clients. We do our homework and analyze the social and societal implications of each investment that we consider. If an investment could lead to adverse implications for any of our clients, we are careful to identify these during our due diligence and to make an appropriate recommendation to invest or not to invest. We understand that our clients serve their own constituents and make investment decisions that are consistent with their individual needs.

Environmental Sustainability

We view ourselves as a steward of the environment, and have a long history of taking actions and making investment decisions that are consistent with our commitment to preserving and maintaining the physical world around us. Beyond our worldview toward environmental sustainability, however, we are firmly of the belief that making the right environmental decision usually means making the right investment decision.


As an investment adviser that is registered with and regulated by multiple governments and financial regulatory authorities worldwide, Barings complies with a vast array of laws and regulations surrounding our investment and other business decisions. Barings’ compliance team is responsible for monitoring the global regulatory environment and overseeing compliance with its activities as a registered investment adviser, including fiduciary standards and personal trading, as well as enterprise and risk management and socially responsible investment activities.

Importantly, we maintain a strong corporate culture that impresses upon each employee the absolute obligation to conduct himself or herself with the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and propriety. We follow the “no surprises” school of thought, which signifies each employee’s obligation to act properly and in accordance with these expectations, and to speak up if he or she believes that the Firm or any other employee is failing to do so.

Our commitment to corporate citizenship includes diversity, ethics, financial support of social initiatives, and sustainability. We are an equal opportunity employer with a diverse workforce and an affirmative action/diversity program in place. We also hold ourselves and our employees to the highest standards of ethical conduct and have a formal company Code of Ethics, which our employees review and certify to annually.


A representative listing of organizations with whom we participate as members or with which we are otherwise professionally engaged include:


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