ESG in Equities

Seeking Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns and Better ESG Practices

We strongly believe in integrating ESG factors into fundamental, bottom-up investment analysis. We take a dynamic and forward-looking approach to analyzing a company’s ESG practices and actively engaging with management teams to improve ESG outcomes and encourage positive change. 

Further details can be found within our policy and stewardship documents:

Public Equity: ESG and Active Engagement Policy

Voting Records

Company Engagement on ESG Issues


We integrate ESG to better assess risks and opportunities that may not be apparent in traditional fundamental analysis.

We monitor companies for improvement or deterioration in their ESG credentials, and encourage sustainable business practices.

We engage directly with corporate management teams, rather than relying solely on exclusions, to drive better outcomes and lasting change.

Investing Together

Selon notre expérience, c’est la vôtre qui prime.

Nos équipes sont habilitées à partager des idées, à remettre en question des points de vue et à prendre des mesures décisives, car nous cherchons collectivement à obtenir les meilleurs résultats pour nos clients.