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Key Investor Information Documents

Barings Global Senior Secured Bond Fund

Share Class ISIN Language KIID/KID
Tranche C EUR Accumulating Shares IE00B3V14N31 Finnish
Tranche C EUR Distribution Shares IE00B3X8RS88 Finnish
Tranche C GBP Accumulating Shares IE00B45GYZ33 Finnish
Tranche C GBP Distribution Shares IE00B3ZB5G96 Finnish
Tranche C SEK Accumulating Shares IE00BNN79347 Finnish
Tranche C USD Accumulating Shares IE00B42L6W20 Finnish
Tranche D EUR Accumulating Shares IE00B45W5J28 Finnish
Tranche D EUR Distributing Shares IE00B3SJ0764 Finnish
Tranche D USD Accumulating Shares IE00B44PCR96 Finnish
Tranche E EUR Accumulating Shares IE00BC1J1514 Finnish
Tranche E EUR Distributing Shares IE00BC1J1621 Finnish
Tranche S USD Distribution Shares IE00B43WZF04 Finnish

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