EN Spain Professional Investor
  • AUM $4.2 billion
    Funds Under Management (NAV+Undrawn Commitments): $4.8 billion
    (31 March 2019)
  • Inception Date 2005

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy focuses on real assets and asset-based businesses across four distinct asset types and eight industry sectors. We employ a top-down approach to identify long-term structural trends in the economy and build diversified portfolios of cash-flowing assets that capitalize on those trends. Our deep sector expertise and extensive industry relationships allow us to both access investments that are unavailable to the broader market and also actively manage those investments to maximize cash flows and create additional enterprise value. This approach enables us to offer a differentiated platform of diversified real assets that focuses on delivering long-term consistent outcomes for our clients.


  • Employ disciplined macro framework to identify long-term structural trends in the economy
  • Build diversified portfolios of real assets and asset-based businesses to harness those trends
  • Target cash-producing capital and intangible assets, infrastructure and natural resources with highly visible and thematically driven demand
  • Partner with best-in-class operators to actively manage assets, maximize cash flows and create enterprise value

Our Value Add

  • Extensive industry expertise and broad networks to access proprietary deal flow
  • Tested, repeatable investment process focused on delivering consistent outcomes for clients
  • Demonstrated ability to add value through control investments and active management of assets
  • Differentiated platform of real asset investments that may further diversify clients’ existing portfolios
  • Partnership with our clients, providing transparency into our process and delivering reporting at the most granular level

Industry Expertise

  • Team of 25 dedicated investment professionals with deep sector expertise across the following sectors:
    • Infrastructure
    • Intangible Assets
    • Natural Resources

Extensive Reach

  • Have built and maintained deep industry contacts since 2005
  • Proprietary deal flow from operating/portfolio companies in a non-competitive setting  
  • Industry contacts, management teams and investors are the genesis of most opportunities
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