2023 Outlook: From the Bottom, Up

“Given the magnitude of the rate increases we’ve seen this year, we are much more focused on managing rate risk, in addition to credit risk, than we have been in the past.”



Investing Through Inflation

In an environment characterized by decades-high inflation and rising rates, some of the most compelling opportunities are likely to be in asset classes that are naturally positioned to survive—and maybe even thrive.

Global Real Estate

"We have taken somewhat of a contrarian view when putting money to work recently—as a result of our hyper-local focus, where others see risk, we might see great relative value."

Nasir Alamgir

Head of Real Estate Debt Portfolio Management

2023: From the Top, Down

Christopher Smart, Head of the Barings Investment Institute, discusses why the top-down outlook for 2023 is difficult to predict with any confidence—making it all the more important to check decisions from the bottom, up.