Partnering with clients and investees to build a better tomorrow

We also effect positive change through collaboration

Lasting change happens when we facilitate true diversity of thought and collaboration. We have active lead and collaborating roles in the following initiatives:

Through the Climate Action 100+ programme, we're engaging with:

A mining company as lead on the engagement
A chemicals company as a collaborative investor
A consumer goods and services company as a collaborative investor
An oil and gas company as a collaborative investor
An oil company as a collaborative investor
A paper company as a collaborator investor

Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt

Engaging With Emerging Market Banks on Climate Risk

Barings developed an industry tool focused on climate risk.

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U.K. Stewardship Report

At Barings, being a good steward of our clients’ capital is about engagement and partnership—partnership with both clients and the companies we invest in.


Company Engagement on ESG Issues

We aim to engage with companies, encouraging them to develop more sustainable business models.