Korea Fixed Income

Our Seoul-based team identifies and invests in undervalued credit, government bonds, and quasi-government bonds using rigorous credit research analysis as well as our seasoned research experience in rate movements and relative value.


$ 2.82 billion as of September 30, 2023

Inception Date


Vehicle Types

Separate Account
Mutual Fund

Investment Philosophy

We conduct thorough credit analysis, focusing on the firm’s operational risk control and the transparency of an investment.

Our Value Add

Active Management

  • Set guided duration with analysis of yield change factors (macro economy, market supply-demand conditions)
  • Actively manage portfolios based on factors such as yield and spread outlook

Research-based Management

  • Thoroughly research investment conditions and make decisions in a systematic way using a team-based approach
  • Identify undervalued bonds through spread, credit and relative value analysis

Risk Management

  • Manage buy list under guided duration and credit analysis
  • Utilize internal control system, investment performance attribution

Portfolio Managers

Investing Together

In our experience, it's about yours.

Our teams are empowered to share ideas, challenge perspectives, and take decisive action as we collectively pursue the greatest outcome for our clients.