August 02, 2022

Kepler Trust Intelligence: BEMO looking to the future

Kepler Trust Intelligence is written and published by the investment companies team at Kepler Partners. In its latest analysis of Barings Emerging EMEA Opportunities (BEMO), Kepler explains how BEMO can offer attractive diversification to the typical exposure of a global or global emerging markets trust and its belief that it is time to look to the future. The research also flags BEMO’s exposure to both sides of the energy transition.

Commenting on BEMO’s investment remit, Kepler analyst Thomas McMahon, CFA said:

“There is a case for investing in this collection of markets which could appeal to many. In particular, we note the Gulf states are receiving renewed attention from international, professional investors. This has been boosted by the prospect of structurally higher energy prices thanks to the exclusion of Russian products from Western markets and a slowdown of investment in production by Western companies.

“Saudi Arabia looks an even more critical source of hydrocarbons in the short to medium term. Meanwhile South Africa is rich in the minerals which are critical to the green energy revolution, be it for electric cars or solar panels. As a result, EMEA offers a way to play both sides of the energy transition.”

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